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Total support to purchase, administration and sales

We are responsible for selling, buying, and managing while we own.
We will preliminarily investigate problems, etc. that will be visible when purchasing properties · possession, and support total aspects from administration management to sale.
As an owner's partner, we will examine and explain precisely advice, various suggestions, running costs which we own owing to third-party viewpoints before management consignment, so that we can operate with stability.
We are thoroughly proposing management considering income and expenditure.
Also, professionals in each division will take care of the owner's concern and anxiety, such as accident handling in case of emergency.

Housing management

20%~30%of total sales substitute. (It depends on the administrative district)
 ※The above expenses include linen, amenity and cleaning fee.
 ※Amenity fee, linen fee, cleaning fee may occur separately depending on the location and conditions of the building and the quality of the room etc.
・Fixed monthly as management fee¥10,000-
This is a cleaning cost as well as a crowded price.
It is possible to expand monthly nightly income.
Since the management expenses are only fixed expenses ¥10,000 - every month, We can maintain and manage where the operator can not do any managements.
If the owner's future goal is to sell with increasing value, you can buy and sell in the optimum condition.
※Depending on the settlement method and reservation site to sell you may get a settlement fee.

・North area
Since our company employs the cleaning staff at our company, we do not have to pay cleaning fee to the contractor from owners' interests.
So, you can operate the owner's valued property with only20%of the basic fee.
Furthermore, since maintenance and management expenses of another building and garden are included, it is also possible in the future to buy and sell in the state of the proper building.

・middle south / South area
Please contact us.
Depending on the condition of the property and buildings, we create a contract containing cleaning fee and we will make every effort to increase the owner's monthly income.
And management fee is included, so I think that you can understand the value you ask our company if it is your important property.

At our company, we manage old houses and condominiums that we have lived so far, along with administrative associations and regional rules, we will operate housewives and manage simple accommodation.

At that time, we also perform design work including owner's living room and garden.

Cleaning consigning

In the north area, we have ordered cleaning services for owners and other accommodation facilities.

Price list

~30㎡¥3,500 ~45㎡¥5,350
~60㎡¥6,350 ~75㎡¥7,350
75㎡~Request for consultation

In the above, the cleaning fee, amenity replenishment, garbage collection / collection are included in the price.
※air-condition(filter and deodorant), ventilation fan will generate additional costs.
In addition, if there is a necessary matter, we will consult with the owner, let me list the property.

Cancellation policy

The day before, the day 100% Charge of accommodation fee.
Basically, we will schedule it every week, and we will clean it.

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Management facility
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  • Real estate buying and selling,
    administration and management of
    accommodation facilities

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